Vibros The Right Hand Of God [RAW] [3D]

Vibros The Right Hand Of God [RAW] [3D]
(愛嬢学園 魔神バイブロス-神の孕ませ悪魔の右手- ~極☆動!GX~ / Girls Academy Genie Vibros – The Right Hand of God – Extreme Anime! GX -)

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PLOT: *** Interspecies Pregnancy Animation! ***
The academy is cursed with a demonic creature from ancient times… Vibros, wielding a machine vibrator for an arm and an insatiable appetite for sex! Cool and quiet student Erika leads a secret double life… battling evil as a gorgeous big-breasted demon huntress!

After school in the classroom, their face-off becomes a clothes-off assault frenzy! The demon seemed vanquished with a single stroke, but it was a trap. Now Erika is in its clutches, violated and cummed inside without mercy! The demon has chosen a mate the poor captured Erika is thoroughly defiled with Vicros’ God Hand, fist and huge member. She is filled to the limit with demon semen then forced to give birth to a demonic spawn!

Hypererotic pleasure and humiliation in a spectacle of sexuality that includes demon humping, fingering, cunnilingus, female ejaculation, internal cumming, forced fellatio, mouth cumming, facial ejaculation, gut stretching and pregnant fist birthing!!!

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