TSF Monogatari EPISODE 02

TSF Monogatari EP 02 [ENG SUBS]

February 26, 2012

(TSF物語 Trans.2「痴漢!輪姦!肉便器!!」 / TSF Monogatari Trans.2 Chikan! Rinkan! Niku Benki!!」)

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PLOT: In the last episode Takumi suffered from a terminal illness, so he agreed to try an experimental gene therapy and was changed into a girl. Now he is finding out just how much fun girls can have!


  1. justhere says:

    nvm i just saw something. i’ll try the FAQ suggestion

  2. justhere says:

    when i download the subtitles. how do i make them work? after i extract them what to do?

  3. Notme says:

    this was so disappointing :/ the first one was really awesome but this. 🙁

  4. someone says:

    Takumi more or less prostitutes him/herself, after she forcibly loses her virginity in the first episode. Talk about no class (No figure with hentai, I guess).

  5. Light says:

    oh oh yeah yeah put your hands up ! gr8 Hentai 😀

  6. someone says:

    Not what I was expecting, honestly. Just waiting on the sub.

  7. Penev says:

    I am so disappointed in this hentai .The manga was great and i had high expectations.This studio just failed it if it was Pixi i am pretty sure thy could have done it a lot better.

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