True Blue Gaiden [ENG SUBS]

(トゥルー ブルー 外伝)

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[].True.Blue.Gaiden.[ENG.SUBS].mkv (243.52 MB)

PLOT: This is the sequel to the h-anime series “True Blue (トゥルー ブルー)”.


    1. Sorry about that, I’ll get DM to look into it as soon as he can. Thanks for letting us know. (guessing maybe it’s something else that went wonky with the last update) FYI premium members can still download. Sorry to everyone else, should be fixed by tonight.

    1. If you were trying to download over the weekend we were doing emergency maintenance and had to turn the server on and off while we made changes, this could have interfered with your download. Sorry but it couldn’t be helped, please try the download again it should work now.

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