Tiny Exchange Girls EP 01 [ENG SUBS]

(少交女 THE ANIMATION Virgin.1 「絢音と柚とお兄ちゃん」 / Shoukoujo The Animation Virgin.1 [Aya on to Yuzu to O Niichan] )

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PLOT: Two online pen pals discover that they are more alike than they ever realized. Two tales of sibling romance, lost innocence and discovered perversions.

Kazuma returns home after a long absence and becomes a part-time home tutor to his younger sister but she can’t concentrate because he makes her wet, so she decides to seduce him. Then we move to her pen pal Yuzu and her older brother. They are often left alone to take care of the family home. One day when they are forced to use a public bath things really heat up beyond what either could have expected.

These girls discover that love and sex can happen between anyone and that it isn’t a bad thing after all…


  1. Thanks I love this site and we appreciate the lengths you go to for us here. I really appreciate the english subs because I understand exactly one thing about the Japanese language… I dont understand it lol.

    1. Thank you very much. I should note that I didn’t create the subs, I just share what I can find. Thanks should go to the awesome subgroups.

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