The Witch of Steel Anneroze EP 02 [RAW]

The Witch of Steel Anneroze EPISODE 02 [RAW]
(鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ 02 窮地の魔女:Witchlose)

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[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.EP02.[RAW].mp4 (342.42 MB)

DOWNLOAD The Witch of Steel Anneroze THEME SONG (FULL VERSION) (ダウンロード主題歌 『背徳エレジー』)
(背徳エレジー / haitoku erejī / Immorality Elegy)
[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.[THEME.SONG].mp3 (4.88 MB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.EP02.[DEMO].mp4 (23.42 MB)

OP (Openings/Intro) (Awesome Theme Music!!)
[].The.Witch.of.the.Steel.Anneroze.EP.01.[OP].mp4 (20.34 MB)
[].The.Witch.of.the.Steel.Anneroze.EP.01.[OP].[HD].mp4 (27.87 MB)

PLOT: The abandoned city of Amidahara. In the dark narrows infested with magical dwellers, criminals and violence, Annerose runs her business as a special witch investigator, helping so-called damsels in distress. The blackness has taken over the city,against which she faces a life or death struggle…!

[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.[ENG].rar (13.04 MB)


  1. The hard life… Personal issues and sickness and stuff like that… They all prevent me from watching and reviewing hentai on a regular basis. And it sucks as I really love hentai. So sorry if it sometimes takes too long.

    About Anneroze 2:

    For the first 17.5-18 minutes, it was pretty much how I expected it to be:
    A vigilant heroin fighting crime on her own way gets captured by her enemies. During the capture she gets raped and that goes on for like 3/4 eps.

    But then from minute 18 onwards: didn’t see that coming! Like I said: the capture and rape lasts for at least 3 eps. But…
    And then that transformation scene: felt kinda l..i. And that’s pretty nice too.

    All in all, episode 2 was familiar yet still with a unexpected, but nice twist!
    And I’m glad they’ve included the awesome OP (eventhough I still don’t know who sung it)

    So far, rating still 10. Looking forward to ep 3, hopefully with tentacles. Like that guy in the op.
    Thanks for the share!

  2. Subs are finally, after 1 way too long month, out!

    I’ll write a review soon, hopefully my flu won’t troll me too much so i can be quick with it.

  3. FINALLY! 😀
    I hope this gets subbed real soon

    On a related note, the OP is really awesome D:

  4. Anneroze is pretty damn HOT!! Especially near the end of the 1st episode, when she’s sleeping. I mean, Good GOD!!

    If you think about it, that’s twice now she’s lost her virginity to Rikuo. 1st, when she was sleeping. 2nd, when she regressed to her smaller form.

    Speaking of, how did Anneroze’s smaller form happen? My Japanese is very rusty.

    1. yeah, that’s i wanted to know . damn , now the story get interesting. i think there is episode 3 , coz after credits…some sex scenes appeared…if they wanna follow the story based on the game, perhaps 4-6 episodes ?

      1. This’ll probably be 4 eps. Similiar pixy works like Tentacle and Witches all had 4 episodes. So I’m positive there will be 4.

  5. Did anyone notice that she went l**i after they rescued her? Was she broken so badly that they had to use super ultra time reversal magic on her body so that she wouldn’t be a mind fudged person? Someone, please tell me, I’m so confused hahaha XD

  6. really awesome this title ~ hope u can get subtitles for ep2, download for fap actually ,suddenly i got interested in the story ~

  7. so why the change to start releasing ziz/pizy items? you’ve done a great deal to not release them til today

    1. Testing the waters I guess you could say, though I think the outcome will be the same. Even though I do see them being posted elsewhere with seemingly no repercussions.

  8. Hellz yeah! Hoping that the makers listened and made an awesome OP with the awesome themesong!

    Anyhowz… I’m so eager to watch the subbed version! I just know it’ll be as awesome as episode 1, eventhough 1 was vanilla. When subbed, it’ll be faptastic and I’ll review quickly after the subbed release.

    Thanks as always!

      1. thanks i fixed it. (I was working quickly to post these between my shifts today and I mixed up the galleries)

        1. kewl, I’m working till Sunday (I never really know my shifts, depends on when they need me in) so we can work something out on Sunday? If that’s good for you 🙂

            1. Yeah, I never tried LoL. DOTA came first if I recall (never actually played DOTA but I am learning to play DOTA2 and hope to get into that more)

              1. i find it quite enjoyable, i RARELY play pvp, just mainly vs AI, to wind down before going to bed. me and i best friend rip through LoL every once in a while.

                1. Yeah so far what little I have played DOTA2 was against the bots in training. Almost manages to convince me I can play a real pvp game 😛

                  1. Good stuff, I hope to return to Dota 2 one day, bit of a hiatus though. Good luck in your matches!

                    1. Thank you 🙂 If you ever want to get together and play just let me know (that’s if you don’t mind playing with a super newb :P)

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