The Witch of Steel Anneroze EP 01 [RAW]

The Witch of Steel Anneroze EPISODE 01 [RAW]
(鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ 01 魔女の従者:Witchslave / The Witch of the steel An’neroze 01 Servant of The Witch:Witchslave / Koutetsu no Majo Anneroze 01 Majo no Jusha : Witchslave, Witch of Steel Annerose )

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[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.EP01.[RAW].mp4 (164.96 MB)

DOWNLOAD The Witch of Steel Anneroze THEME SONG (FULL VERSION) (ダウンロード主題歌 『背徳エレジー』)
(背徳エレジー / haitoku erejī / Immorality Elegy)
[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.[THEME.SONG].mp3 (4.88 MB)

DEMO (デモ) / Trial version (体験版)
[].The.Witch.of.the.Steel.Anneroze.EP.01.[DEMO].wmv (72.08 MB)

OP (Openings/Intro) (Awesome Theme Music!!)
[].The.Witch.of.the.Steel.Anneroze.EP.01.[OP].mp4 (20.34 MB)
[].The.Witch.of.the.Steel.Anneroze.EP.01.[OP].[HD].mp4 (27.87 MB)

PLOT: The abandoned city of Amidahara. In the dark narrows infested with magical dwellers, criminals and violence, Annerose runs her business as a special witch investigator, helping so-called damsels in distress. The blackness has taken over the city,against which she faces a life or death struggle…!

EPISODE 01 – Witchslave
Rikuro Tachibana is Annerose’s faithful servant, with the soul of an immortal. While pouring his youthful spunk into the mouth of Annerose’s bewitching friend Aish, he is encouraged to punish another she-demon Michiko who wants to destroy him. With Aish’s help, Rikuro binds Michiko, and until morning has his way with her by robbing her maidenhood and making her his sex slave. His carnal desire, and Aish’s constant sexual disposals, send Rikuro on a lust attack against even Annerose while she sleeps. Battles of the bedroom, from sloppy tongues to sex…!?

[].The.Witch.of.Steel.Anneroze.[ENG].rar (13.04 MB)

The Witch Of Steel Annerose The Witch Of Steel Annerose PIXY / LILITH / ZIZ

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