Tentacle And Witches EPISODE 03 [PIXY]
(Tentacle and Witches 第3話 アイゼン=ファウストの罠 通常版 / Tentacle and Witches – Episode 3- Trap of Eisen-Faust)

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PIXY presents the third and the best episode of the school collapse lust tentacle anime series, Tentacle and Witches!
This time, Yuuko gives birth to a baby in gapeface while Lili and Kaya become prisoners of the evil wizard…

PLOT: Chapter 3 Story – The devil’s curse takes effect at last! Teacher Yuuko in the last month of her pregnancy! The protagonist recompenses Lili with a sex in the pretext of medical check! She cums until she cannot even withhold her pee… Kaya is captive and pushed to become aroused… and has an outrageous sex for the first time in her life!

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