Taimanin Asagi EP 03 [PIXY]

Taimanin Asagi EPISODE 03 [PIXY]
(対魔忍アサギ vol.03 姉妹、相打つ! / Taimanin Asagi vol.03 – Shimai Aiutsu!)

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PLOT: The Taimanin sisters Asagi and Sakura finally fall into depravity at Oboro’s hands! Taking advantage of their desire to save one another, Oboro subjects the two to extreme sexual abuse. The two sisters, dressed up as slave prostitutes, their pride completely shattered, are a must-see. Don’t miss out on more than 30 minutes of violent animation that excels even the first two episodes in the series!

Asagi, Sakura and Oboro’s intense orgasms, the white of their eyes, the tentacles, the gang bangs, etc. are displayed in all their beauty and obscenity in brutal animation! This is a beautiful, obscene, brutal animation about female ninjas who are sexually trained and gang banged.

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  1. if u get a chance dosnt need to be anytime soon can u fix the download for this episode and the other two.. and like i said only if u get time im in no rush 🙂

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