Taimanin Asagi EP 02 [PIXY]

Taimanin Asagi EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(対魔忍アサギ vol.02 姦獄のアリーナ / Taimanin Asagi vol.02 – Kangoku no Arena / Anti-Demon Hunters, Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi)

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PLOT: Asagi is captured and subjected to a horrible transmutation. Subsequently, she is sent into the Chaos Arena, a fighting ring where the loser is forced to undergo brutal sexual abuse. Asagi is weakened by Oboro’s magic, and she suffers defeat after humiliating defeat.

As if that was not enough, Asagi’s sister Sakura infiltrates the Chaos Arena, but is caught by Oboro. Now that she has the sisters whom she hates so much at her mercy, Oboro proceeds to make their lives hell on Earth. What fate ultimately awaits Asagi and her sister?

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