Taimanin Asagi EP 01 [PIXY]

Taimanin Asagi EPISODE 01 [PIXY]
(対魔忍アサギ vol.01 逆襲の朧 / Taimanin Asagi vol.01 – Gyakushu no Oboro / Anti-Demon Hunters, Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi)

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PLOT: The alliance between humans and demons is broken, Tokyo is no longer safe. With each passing day it become more and more occupied by demons and monsters who pray on the helpless female humans. A female ninja named Asagi is a retired member of Taimanin, the only counter-monster defense team that has any chance of saving Tokyo, no, humanity. She is called back into action by Taki an evil ninja Asagi went up against in the past that holds a particularly nasty grudge against Asagi. Taki has made a pack with the demon lord for power to defeat her sworn enemy Asagi and Taimanin. She manages to set a trap and captures Asagi but Taki wont be satisfied with simply killing her, Asagi has to suffer first. Sakura, Asagi’s younger sister and a pupil of Taimanin, finds out about Asagi’s capture and sets out to save her but will she be enough against this organization of evil?

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