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Hentai Anime Downloads



Adopt A Shelter Cat Month 2012

HAPPY ADOPT A SHELTER CAT MONTH We are happy to celebrate this special month dedicated to those sweet shelter kitties all over the world that need a loving home. Sadly our home is already full of happy cats we love… Continue Reading →

RABIDfiles Returns (05/09/2012)

EXTRA! EXTRA! RABIDfiles Returns!! As you probably already know we have been having some annoying timeout issues with RABIDfiles. Well I am glad to announce that we can put all that behind us. We have been testing the site and… Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce our new site RabidFiles.com. Okay so it went live this weekend making me a little late. 😛 It took us way longer than expected to get it going but it’s finally up… Continue Reading →


THE INTERNET IS UNDER ATTACK!! This is vitally important, especially if you live in America!! Congress backed by a handful of movie and music companies, is trying to censor the internet. Join the movement to protect the internet We need… Continue Reading →

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