STAR☆jewel The Animation [ENG SUBS]

STAR☆jewel The Animation [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]
(STAR☆jewel スタージュエル / Star Jewel)

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COVERS and SCREENSHOTS also had to be removed

PLOT: A war is being fought between the goddesses of dark and light. While the former try to steal the jewels from innocent women, leaving lifeless husks, the latter hunt the evildoers. Both types of goddesses are equipped with powers to fight, but their strongest weapons are their retractable penises – flooding the enemy with pleasure is the only sure-fire way to win.

more information on STAR☆jewel The Animation available here

5 thoughts on “STAR☆jewel The Animation [ENG SUBS]

  1. woah! You must be psychic dude. I was just looking at images from this anime, and was going to search for it here and then BAM, right on the home page, first item on it. Amazing.

    1. This one just came out in Japan this past week , I try to stay on top of new releases, I’m actually a little late with this one. Cute siggy by the way.

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