Spaceship Agga Ruter EP 01-04 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

(Space Ofera アッガ・ルター / Space Ofera Agga Ruter)

[].Spaceship.Agga.Ruter.EP01-04.[ENG.SUB.FILES].rar (28.84 KB)

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[].Spaceship.Agga.Ruter.EP01.[UNCEN].avi (326.45 MB)
[].Spaceship.Agga.Ruter.EP02.[UNCEN].avi (334.48 MB)
[].Spaceship.Agga.Ruter.EP03.[UNCEN].avi (373.08 MB)
[].Spaceship.Agga.Ruter.EP04.[UNCEN].avi (442.35 MB)

PLOT: 18-year-old Taiyo’s family was killed by a savage space pirate, and he’s prepared to share their fate. But when his ship is hijacked in deep space, he’s in for a real shock! Are all pirates as alluring (or as desirous) as the beautiful mercenary Jannis?


  1. Thank you for your site.
    I know it’s asking much but when you will not mind, could you tell if there exist others jewels like Spaceship Agga Ruter and beyond?

    1. Not sure, what about it are you looking for, that might help me suggest something. I really can’t think of anything off hand that would compare to it.

  2. As I explained in another website, The font that is used in subtitle is most difficult to read so I played around and found that it can be edited more easily but I want to make sure you had back-up of these subtitle files before you edit it… Be sure that you know which fontname to your preference. In my case, My favorite font is Verdana. I found this font Verdana easy to read…

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