Space Pirate Sara EP 03 [PIXY]

Space Pirate Sara EPISODE 03 [PIXY]
(宇宙海賊サラ vol.03 狂宴のふたなり騎士 / Uchuu Kaizoku Sara / Space Bandit Sarah vol.03)

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PLOT: The third installment of the Space Bandit Sarah series!
Sara stands up courageously against the humiliation given by the vicious twin sisters. However, she now has a cock as a result of the body modification, and the pleasure she gets from it is so strong that she shows her ecstasy in public against her will!

*Highlights of volume 3:
Shameful training of the futanari girl! Sara and Selia become a spectacle in a party for the ladies of the privileged class!!
They are restraint in a humiliating position that their legs held up so that they can see their own groin, and forced to ejaculate in ecstasy in public.

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