Space Pirate Sara EP 01 [PIXY]

Space Pirate Sara EPISODE 01 [PIXY]
(宇宙海賊サラ vol.01 ギーレンの双子 / Space Bandit Sarah vol.01 Gielen twins)

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PLOT: “Sarah is a space pirate warrior who roams a galaxy filled with war! But even as the many warlords vie with each other for supremacy, a dark, evil trap is tightening around Sarah. When she faces the silver knight Sylia, the utterly corrupt nobility, a dark slave trader and two evil twin sisters, Sarah finds herself in a precarious situation!

Sarah accepts the request of Joachim, an official of the Blankenheim government that seeks hegemony over the galaxy, and with his help succeeds in capturing the silver knight and heroine Sylia. Then she assumes Sylia’s identity, and discovers the location of a treasure she has been hunting for many years! But then things go wrong…

Episode 1 features must-see scenes about Sylia, who is subjected to merciless sexual torture at the hands of the perverted sons of the nobles, as well as scenes about Sara, who has fallen into the Gielen twins’ trap and is now at the mercy of her traitorous former comrades, who humiliate and gangbang their once captain.

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  1. More question form someone else: where can we download the actual one. They’re all look really nice and interesting.

    1. I provide an affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing them. Sorry but it’s the best I can do since I was given a DMCA :(. For what it’s worth if you have any extra income to blow on porn, I would recommend just about anything from PIXY.

  2. Question: What does the tag [PIXY] mean? Is it a brand/company name, or is a genre reference that I’m not familiar with?

    1. persistent aren’t you… because I provide the affiliate links and info for those interested. EDIT Also I really like their work and want to help others discover them too.

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