Slave Maid Princess EP 02 [PIXY]

Slave Maid Princess EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(奴隷メイドプリンセス Vol.02 姫は子宮でアクメする / Dorei Maid Princess / Slave Maid Princess Vol.02 The Princess Has an Orgasm in Her Womb)

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PLOT: Lotte’s training is finally picking up speed! Lotte does her maid work with a living dildo inside of her. She reaches orgasms that almost make her faint, but she frantically continues her maid training. The torture grows more extreme by the day. The dildos grow bigger, stretching her flesh, she gives birth in pseudo orgasm, and she is made to experience orgasm inside her womb. The once so proud battle princess is reduced to a dirty slut. Can Lotte overcome this rigorous training?

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  1. Sob… Yet another promising title from Pixy… which isn’t as promising as supposed… Sad review is sad 🙁

    The title alone, made it very promising.. I expected some heavy stuff, okay not as heavy as in Teruaki’s hentai… But still.. I expected some torture with many vibrators/rotors, sex with ugly, strong monsters, intense tentacle rape and many gangbangs. Instead I just got some tentacle rape and mainly gangbangs. It was like Rei and Fuko but with a a different setting 🙁 Why Pixy Why? We didn’t even get a futa scene!!

    The heroine Lotte was hot, young and busty as always… But strangely her voice actor made her sound pretty old. A name of Lotte / that looks but that voice… It just doesn’t add up.

    Sometimes I’m very puzzeled by the releases from Pixy/Lilith. They can release friggin good stuff like Makai Kishi Ingrid and Taimanin Asagi. But strangely… This, Shion and Rei and Fuko are also from Pixy/Lilith. But basically, (judgeing from i.e. The storyline) they are all related).

    Anything postive? Well, just the basic stuff. Design was ok. The sex scenes were more vanilla then expected but still good. The heroine was as sexy and busty as always. And that’s just it.

    Rating: a very meager 3. C’mon Pixy, this isn’t what you’d expect from a hentai named Slave Maid Princess. And you know it damn well, if you can create stuff like Taimanin Asagi!

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