Shocking Pink Girl MoMoKo EP 01-02 [RAW]

Shocking Pink Girl MoMoKo EPISODES 01-02 [RAW] (no mosaics)
(モモコ / Momoko)

Direct Download Link(s) (DDL)
[].Shocking.Pink.Girl.MoMoKo.EP01.[RAW].mkv (348.84 MB)
[].Shocking.Pink.Girl.MoMoKo.EP02.[RAW].mkv (299.30 MB)

PLOT: This lonely busty girl is looking for love and stardom in the big city but going about it all the wrong way. She really wants to be a star and is willing to do whatever it takes including sleeping her way to the top. When it looks like prince charming has found her, her promiscuous ways may be her ruin. This girl just can’t seem to keep her clothes on.

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