Shion EP 01 [PIXY]

(Shion Vol. 1 – Cruel Magical Angel – / シオン Vol.01 残酷な魔法の天使)

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PLOT: The shadow of the Geists, space-time invaders, is growing at the Academy. The secret wars between the creatures of different dimensions which have continued for centuries, are about to turn Hiroki’s normal life at the Academy upside-down and change his fate forever! Is the mysterious,
silver-suited beauty who appears before Hiroki his friend or his enemy? What will happen to this mere boy and this magical girl…?!
Highlights of Chapter 1:
Chapter 1 tells the story of how our main character and Shion meet, and the story of a warrior from another world, a “Doll” named Lydia who has infiltrated the Academy. But when Lydia becomes captured through a clever trap of the enemy Geists from another dimension, she is forced to endure
their cruel tentacle penetration without mercy as part of the Geists plot to get her to call her comrade, the high-level warrior Shion. Lydia of course fiercely resists at first, but…

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