Sex Slave Mayumi [RAW] [3D]

Sex Slave Mayumi [RAW] [3D]
(性奴人形マユミ / sei yakko ningyou mayumi / Sexaroid Mayumi / Sex Slave Puppet Mayumi)

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PLOT: Kisaragi Mayumi is a 20 year old model and idol. She is also the sex slave of a monster called a mutant.
The monster violates her every night, remodels her body and even uses her internal organs as its toys.
Even so she loves the mutant, to the point that she intends to attain an immortal body so she won’t die even if the monster dissects her.

This is a 3D animation that features amazing detail, starring a high class, gorgeous girl who is voiced by Nakashima Tatsuya, a talented voice actress.
The animation shows a lot of hard sexual conduct that would be impossible for any living human to undergo.


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