Seductive Flower EP 02 [RAW] [3D]

Seductive Flower EPISODE 02 [RAW] [3D]
(優艶の花 後篇 調教された淫ら妻 / yuu tsuya no hana go hen choukyou sa re ta midara tsuma / Flower Charm – Part 2 – The Broken Bride)

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[].Seductive.Flower.EP02.[RAW].[3D].rar (1.73 GB)

PLOT: Young Yuka was masturbating openly in her home as her husband’s brother observed.
To keep it secret to her husband, Yuka obeys any naughty orders from her step brother which also satisfy her sexual need…

note: this is an executable file (.exe). Double click on the .exe file to play the video. It runs on a flash player that works essentially the same as your video player. Hover over the bottom of the window to view the controls. Remember to have adobe flash installed and up to date.


  1. Hey Dizzy, do u know what exactly each of the controls do? There are some special looking ones… I tried looking at the help page,(which was in japanese)translate a sentence into English and got weird results. I guess direct translation doesnt work….. I know u r busy, but if u can, pls help me. thanks

    1. It’s been ages since I have watched this one, but I don’t remember it being too complicated, just try the buttons out to see what they do, I guarantee there isn’t a self destruct button… at least I don’t remember there being one ;P

  2. OMG! This is awesome dizzy! I played it on flash and I couldn’t control myself XD. Can’t wait to for part 3 whenever it comes out.

  3. ‘Sup dude.Like kenji was asking,is there ANY way you could make this into movie form cuz I’ve been waiting for this one to come out for a while and it looks like you’re the only one who has this.If so, you’ll be a godsend in my book.thnx

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