Sailor Moon And The Seven Ballz 2 [ENG] [UNCEN]

Sailor Moon And The Seven Ballz 2 [ENGLISH] [UNCENSORED]
(美少女与七龙珠h动画 / Sailor Moon And The Seven Ballz 2 Return Of The Ballz)

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PLOT: Goku and company are in search of the Seven Dragon Ballz as usual except that this time they are flying through the galaxy in a penis shaped space ship. Their quest takes them to several sexualy charged planets where they must fuck and suck their way to each Dragon Ballz includes plenty of anal on all sides. Packed with meaningless sex between well known anime characters of the time.

Disclaimer from Dizzy: The audio is truly terrible. Sounds like kids did this in their garage. You can even hear them laughing as they try to get out their lines. Some of the sex scenes sound like audio taken from random porno they stole from their parents, the sounds don’t even fit what’s going on just like most of the audio in this hentai. Then there are times where the voice actors decided to take a stab at providing the sounds for the sex scenes and it comes out sounding like a bored grizzly trying to take a shit on a donkey (don’t forget the laughter mixed in). You may want to avoid listening to the audio at all but if you want a good laugh turn up the volume sit back and blow your mind.

** Contains some boy on boy action (Yaoi)!!


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