[HAD] Resort BOIN EP01 Vacation on the Southern Island English Subs by FAKKU COVER - Copy

Resort BOIN EP 01-03 [RAW]

March 7, 2011

Resort BOIN EPISODES 01-03 [RAW]

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[hshare.net].Resort.BOIN.EP01.[RAW].avi (262.71 MB)
[hshare.net].Resort.BOIN.EP02.[RAW].avi (363.09 MB)
[hshare.net].Resort.BOIN.EP03.[RAW].avi (244.51 MB)

PLOT: This is the sequel to BOIN.
On spring break, Daisuke is excited for his vacation on a tropical island for some well deserved relaxation and girl watching. He finds himself quite inexplicably popular with the ladies as well. Nao and Mitsugu follow him there as well competing, as usual, for his attentions. Meanwhile he meets his cousin Maya again after a long time as well as the wild Kanae and her friend Mika.


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