Rei Zero EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(レイZERO~episode02 女捜査官はメス豚に堕ちた!~ / Rei ZERO ~ Episode 02 Jo Sousa Kan ha Mesu Buta ni Ochi ta !~ / Rei ZERO – episode 02 Special Agent’s Fall )

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PLOT: Rei and Shoko are attacked by surprise and get humiliated. Rei is released while Shoko is still captive, and it is also a part of the elaborated plan.
A special nano-machine invented by the Organization is implanted in Rei’s body and controls her. She offers help for the breakout of Naitou, boss of the Organization, under its control and becomes captive again.
They start a cruel revenge on her….

* Climax in despair!
Rei the special agent falls into a trap!! After severe and perverted disciplines that continue for several months, how does she change!?
Do not miss the complete destructive process on the strong, high-minded woman!!

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