Rei Zero EPISODE 01 [PIXY]
(レイZERO ~episode01 特務捜査官を捕えよ! ~ / Rei ZERO ~Episode 01 Tokumu Sousa Kan o Toraeyo !~ / Rei ZERO – episode 01 Capture the Special Agent!)

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PLOT: A spin-off animation from Lilith’s popular work, “Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko”!
This is Rei’s story. has just become a special agent.

Year 2049, Tokyo
The second and third earthquakes that occurred successively have destroyed the city of Tokyo. The former Megalopolis now in ruins is one of the most vicious cities in the world, crowded with refugees, armed mafias and terrorists.

Rei Kirisawa has just become a special agent and along with commander Shoko Munei and a special task force, she must prevent the notoriously evil and corrupt drug lord Joaquin Naitou from entering into Japan. They succeeded in determining his whereabouts, and sneaked into the heavily-guarded hotel.
The aim was to capture Naitou “illegally” but Naitou is onto them and has set a trap. He plans to use the nano machine to fully control their minds. Then his men will publicly disgrace them by corrupting their luscious bodies and having them perform like the good little sluts their are.

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