Rei and Fuko EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(特務捜査官レイ&風子 vol.02 白濁の戦士たち / Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko / REI & FUKO, SPECIAL DUTY AGENT VOL.02)

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PLOT: Kouryuu is the boss of the drug cartel known as “The 12 Angels”. Rei and Fuko have fallen into her trap and become her captives. In the name of revenge for the attacks on her organization by Rei and Fuko, Kouryuu starts to play with them by training them as animals. Will Rei and Fuko be able to escape from danger!?
The two captives are forced into sadistic animal training in the cartel’s underground installation.
The cruel training is forced upon them so that they can be impregnated by a tentacle monster.
The cruel torture starts when they’re both turned into hostages. Fuko is forced to be gangbanged in front of her lover, and Rei takes a direct injection in her clit during relentless torture.
Will a depraved orgasm finally come for them……!?

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