Rape Machine 2 [RAW] [3D]

Rape Machine 2 [RAW] [3D]
(愛嬢機姦II -ダブルJKと監獄の主- ~極☆動!FXX~ / aijou ki kan II -daburu JK to kangoku no shu- ~kyoku dou ! FXX~ / Machinery assault to the beloved maidens 2 -Extreme Anime! FXX-)

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PLOT: Two schoolgirls Sana and Miki decide to skip class one day. To avoid being detected they sneak into a seemingly abandoned facility, unaware that it’s the secret experiment lab for a major electric-appliance manufacturer’s hardcore rape machines.
The girls are instantly trapped and snapped into dual pussy rape machines and become slaves of the “Prison King” who will tease their perky tits and swollen clits while repeatedly penetrating them until their virginity is but a long lost memory.

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