RAID EP 01 Intruders [RAW] [3D]

RAID EPISODE 01 Intruders [RAW] [3D]
(【RAID-霊奴】 ~第一章 侵入者~ / [RAID] – Rei Yakko ~Daiichi Shou Shinnyuu Sha ~)

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PLOT: A young single mother Hiroyoshi and her teenage daughter Yuri finally move into a house of their own, their dream home, overlooking a crystal lake and far away from the stress of city life.
As they stand overlooking their first beautiful sunset at their new home, someone else is watching them. Yuri thinks she sees a shadowy figure looking at them from the upstairs window but when she tries to warn her mom the apparition is gone. They enter their new home to settle in for the night unaware the true residence of this house are waiting for them… to punish the intruders.

A tale of sexual possession by perverse, vengeful, sadistic spirits from beyond the grave.

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