Hi everyone,
I am very happy to announce our new site RabidFiles.com. Okay so it went live this weekend making me a little late. 😛

It took us way longer than expected to get it going but it’s finally up and running for all to enjoy.

For those of you who use direct downloads and have tried it out, please let me know what you think so far.

wubs and hugs,

Check out the RabidFiles FAQ for more info


  1. Tried registering for an account on there. Never got a confirmation email. Nothing in spam folder either. I’m trying to sign up for premium.

    1. Have you gotten your email yet (depending on how busy the site is it might take a little while). If you haven’t gotten it yet, please use the contact me form at the bottom of the page to let me know.

  2. I don’t like DDL, downloads are not reliable, multisource is enabled only for premium, I can’t queue several downloads, the files are kept only for 30 days and it is absolutely not private! Your IP address with the list of the files you downloaded are saved in their logs and available when someone with rights requests them.

    Torrent was much better.

    I hope you will go back to torrent.

    1. First of all I didn’t ask if you liked DDLs or torrents. I am going back to DDLs. For those who want torrents I have directed you all to where you can get them (hshare.net).

      RabidFiles.com is our site, so I can say with confidence that it is reliable to those who don’t try to abuse it. If you’re having trouble with “reliability” it’s on your end, probably has to do with your connection. I do have suggestions in the FAQ for anyone having trouble.

      As far as “multisource”, yeah it’s only enabled for paying members because we have to pay to run the sites, so we can’t keep paying out of our pockets to give everyone everything for free. We still allow everyone to download any and all content for free; we don’t even require anyone to sign up anywhere. It’s completely justified for us to ask that if anyone want to download more and at unlimited speeds, to subscribe to a premium account. So don’t expect me to feel sympathy towards you because you can’t get everything for free, on a silver platter and right now! If you think about how little a premium account costs, factor in how fast your connection is and how much that allows you to download in a day, versus the cost of the content you are downloading, you will realize that you are paying an almost immeasurable fraction of the actual cost if you were to try and purchase anything and have it imported (assuming you could even do that with what you’re getting).

      If you are a premium member your files are kept forever! Yeah if you’re a free user your uploaded files are only kept for 30 days but again this is because storage costs us money so if you want your files secured forever it’s only fair to ask you to pay a small fee.

      This is a good time to mention that since we run RabidFiles.com we have total control over our files, unlike in the past when we have had to use someone else’s file hosts. This means more reliable downloads for everyone. This also means that we have control to address any issues you have with the site, so we can continue to grow and hopefully make the necessary upgrades to have RabidFiles be the best it can be for our members.

      This next issue gave DeathMarine and I a good laugh. We do not keep a master list of IP addresses of the people who download from our site, nor do we track what these people are downloading. I don’t know where you picked up this piece of horse shit but that’s all it is. There is no risk of having someone come in and demand this list because it doesn’t exist.

      So in closing I get it you don’t like DDLs but that doesn’t mean that you have to make up a bunch of unsound accusations and use scare tactics to try and discredit our site. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Don’t go and make up a bunch of lies about it. I am switching back to DDLs. Contrary to what you might think many people very much appreciate and want DDL and I still provide the torrents on hshare for those who want them. Torrents were always a temporary measure on here, so no; I will not be going back to torrents.

    1. I set it at that speed, if you want to download faster please try a premium account. (EDIT Premium members are only limited by the speed of their internet connection)

      Unfortunately it’s not free for us to run these H-sites and donations have been non-existent. Consider a premium membership a way to support HentaiAnimeDownloads and a way to get more of the H you want! (I really prefer to keep intrusive ads off the sites)

      Thank you to everyone who supports us, either by making a donation or purchasing a premium membership from RabidFiles.com!! You Guys Rock!! (and gals :P)

  3. Ever since the move to RabidFiles I haven’t been able to download anything 🙁 The download always stops half way through and I can’t resume.

    1. Really sorry to hear that but whatever is going on, it’s on your end. Have you checked out the FAQ’s and gone through the suggestions? I’m not sure what browser your using that you can’t resume your downloads but try using chrome, I know for sure the resume downloads works with them.

      What kind of speeds are you downloading at? When it drops is it a gradual drop in speed before it stops or does it just stop on you? When it drops have you checked to make sure it’s not your connection flicking off?

  4. hello dizzy.!just checking the new DDL that you put so much time & effort to us to enjoy..btw, just wondering why change the character on the main site.?

    1. You mean the girl in the header? I usually try to change it up depending on the holiday, I give her different looks/costumes. This one was the “look” for Easter. I decided, since I got to posting the Easter banner really late that I would leave her up for a while longer (I just removed the Happy Easter from the banner). I left her there as sort of a spring theme. Don’t you like our mascot in her bunny costume 😛

  5. This new site is better then the last one, it’s doesn’t have that capcha thing or whatever, but the downloading time is kinda of. Its says we have to wait 1 minute but it feels like that 1 minute is longer for some reason. But this is a good one. Simple and quick.

    1. Yeah when you have to wait that minute before you download it sure feels like an eon. Glad you like the site!! About that other thing you mentioned, as far as I know it’s not supposed to be that way for free users.

    1. They are up on here if you want them (they either have the HentaiAnimeDownloads watermark if you get them off here or if you want you can get them from hshare but those have the hshare watermark on them)

    1. Yes, there is resume for both free and premium members but it depends on your browser. I know it works in Chrome but sadly it doesn’t work with FireFox. I haven’t checked with the others.

    1. No, you don’t need to purchase a premium account but the option is there if you want to max out your download speed. (with a premium account your essentially limited by the speed of your connection. With a free account or just free user(no sign up) you have a max download speed of 100KB/sec.)(Also there are no daily limits other than your download speed!!)
      Check out the RabidFiles FAQ for more info

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