Prison Battleship EPISODE 01 [PIXY]
(監獄戦艦 Vol.01 洗脳の序曲 / Kangoku Senkan 01 Sennou no Jokyoku / Kangoku senkan Vol.01 Prelude to the brainwashing)

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PLOT: Leutenant Bogan of Space Federation is in fact an important member of The anti political group Neo Terrors. Commander Lieri Bishop and her aide, Major Naomi Evans two talented officers aboard his ship are secretly investigating him and once they have the evidence they need they plan on apprehending their suspect. Unfortunatly for them Leutenant Bogan is on to them. He remembers them from a humiliating encounter in his past and can’t help but take this opertunity to seek out revenge.

Along with the help of his ship mates and some advanced secret scientists he has on board he will make them into nighttime comfort officers for him and his crew. Through the use of outlawed scientific practices he will brainwash Lieri and Naomi so that each night like a switch their personalities will change and they will believe themselves to be the ships important comfort officers. In reality they are being brainwashed into night time sex slaves for the crew. These girls take their work seriously and don’t mind getting real messy so long as they get the job done. It doesn’t take them long to become cock hungry nymphos feasting on the crew.

*New semen technology!
Special effect is used to display semen spots on the uniform of the female officers. Its thick, half-transparent and sticky semen slathered all over these slutty officers.

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