Princess Lover! (OVA) EP 01-02 [ENG SUBS]

Princess Lover! (OVA) EPISODES 01-02 [RAW]
(プリンセスラバー! 2010)

[].Princess.Lover.OVA.EP01-02.[ENG.SUBS.FILES].rar (15.78 KB)

SUBS: Files by T_P [Tactical-Paizuri]

Direct Download Link(s) (DDL)
[].Princess.Lover.(OVA).EP01.[RAW].avi (331.01 MB)
[].Princess.Lover.(OVA).EP02.[RAW].avi (342.24 MB)

PLOT: Amongst the cast is Sylvia van Hossen, a proud young woman of noble lineage. She has been raised to serve her kingdom and its people. This is her story.


  1. Truly a gem, making me long to see the 12-episode ecchi-anime!
    One beautiful story, hot steaming happy sex and above all that: one beautiful princess who’s not being gang_raped by orcs, demons or some flesh-eating, girl-raping, tentancled plant. A rare masterpiece bewteen the other hentai-anime with princesses, who mostly have the things mentioned before. I wonder if there are titles like this out there. Much appriciated offer! Thanks!

  2. LOL, I’m amazed that they jumped to Hentai when the series was a harmless ECCHI/HAREM anime. All in all I loved it 🙂

    Yet again, thanks for the file.

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