Princess Knight Lilia EPISODE 03 [PIXY]
(姫騎士リリア vol.03 獣鬼の檻 / Himekishi Lilia vol. 03 – Cage of the Beast Demon)

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PLOT: With Mother Lyla taken hostage and unable to protest, Lilia cleanses the abominable man’s beefsteak in her mouth. While in a panicked fear of becoming pregnant, she’s exposed to the assault of intravaginal ejaculation, and a direct flow of urine flows into her rectum. She faints in agony to the scat show that her humiliation has become. Despite this, Dilk’s cruelty refuses to cease, freely manipulating tentacles he pursues torture via self-satisfying oppressive double penetration, driving towards an intense orgasm, exposing Lilia’s ungraceful face.
Amongst all this, in front of the princess knight Lilia and her broken pride stands a huge brutish ogre, blocking her way… !!!

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