Princess 69 Core MIX Mega Prime Side Dish [RAW]

Princess 69 Core MIX Mega Prime Side Dish [RAW]
(新体操(仮) / Shintaisou Kari / Gimnasia artística x)

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PLOT: A “BEST OF” Collection with over 50 minutes of the best scenes from the Princess 69 series.

Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Gymnastics of Darkness, the board chairman’s daughter Tomomi blackmails her gym teacher Nikusuke into becoming her obedient servant. One by one she lures female classmates of her choosing to the gymnasium for Nikusuke to initiate into the elite Dark Gymnastics team. Here under the darkness of night they are drugged, tied and then forced to under go the most humiliating and excruciating forms of pleasure until their minds and body submit to Nikusuke’s unconventional training methods. (The prequel to “Princess 69 Midnight Gymnastics” (新体操(真).)

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Princess 69
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  1. Reviewing time!

    Seriously, Princess 69 proves that my tastes in hentai has changed…
    Prior to the summer of ’12, I definitely wouldn’t watch Princess 69. But since that summer, I’ve became more H. I started to watch less vanilla hentai: more and more tentacle porn, I would like futa, I appereciated rape and gangbang. But still, Princess 69 was too much for me. Until someday I started to watch it. I was shocked at some parts but still, I kept on watching. Now I’ve watched it 4 times and I’ve kept it ever since. I dunno, the pervert in me wants to keep it.

    Now this truly is a masterpiece from Murakami. It really redefines extreme hardcore. No, it redefines it and goes beyond extreme hardcore. I adore his drawing style, even though this is a bit different from his other works like Dark Love. Still, just wow! And then there’s the opening: I’m melting from the inside every time I watch it. That voice from the singer and that passion, superb! Are there downsides? Yeah but it’s just the typical critisism towards Murakami’s drawing style: The blurring during many scenes. And the red background on other scenes. Then there’s the sequel to Princess 69, it’s a great contradiction to this. Just see for yourselves: Princess 69: Midnight Gymnastics. Oh yeah: the strange ending of ep4 puzzels me.

    Pros: Murakami’s sublime drawing style, the beautiful opening and (personal) this hentai helped me to appreciate more niches in hentai.
    Cons: the typical downsides of Murakami drawing style, the strange ending of ep 4 .

    Rating 10-

  2. I love the animation in series like this and Taimanin Asagi but the ugly fucking green haired dude completely ruined Princess 69.

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