Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt EP 01-13 [ENG SUBS] [HD] + BONUS MATERIAL and OST

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt EPISODES 01-13 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] [HIGH DEFINITION]

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[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP01.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (570.89 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP02.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (359.14 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP03.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (566.18 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP04.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (483.48 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP05.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (496.17 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP06.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (568.70 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP07.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (372.84 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP08.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (286.15 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP09.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (281.39 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP10.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (311.09 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP11.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (461.53 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP12.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (415.21 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.EP13.[ENG.SUBS].[HD].mkv (416.47 MB)

[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.OP.[HD].mp4 (14.26 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.ED.[HD].mp4 (8.03 MB)
[].Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.PREVIEW.flv (9.91 MB)

Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.ED.Theme.Fallen.Angel.(feat. Aimee.B).mp3 (10.15 MB)

Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.OST.Vol1.rar (158.67 MB)
Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.OST.Vol2.rar (29.57 MB)

Panty.&.Stocking.With.Garterbelt.The.Original.Soundtrack.[FLAC].rar (526.78 MB)

BONUS MATERIAL includes: OST VOL 1 & VOL 2 (mp3) Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt ED Single (mp3 320kbs) (4.25 minute version)

PLOT: Heaven sends two fallen angels to Earth and tells them to collect Heaven Coins if they want to avoid falling all the way to Hell. These Heaven Coins can be obtained by defeating peculiar ghosts.
The angels, called Panty and Stocking, find and fight these ghosts based on hints relayed to them by their black, righteous afro-wielding reverend handler, Garterbelt, and they are aided by their trusty Humvee, See Through.
The ghosts are tricky but the two angels have very unusual weapons at their disposal: Panty’s panties turn into a gun and Stocking’s stockings turn into swords. Witness Panty and Stocking Fly Away Now!


  1. Wonderful.
    It is uncommon to find “difference” in the Hentai world, so this comes as a great refreshment! I see there is barely a nipple to be found, but looks racy and super cool.
    Thanks a lot for the offering, people of the HShare and Hdownloads, WE the world are happier for it.

    1. You very welcome and thanks makes my day to hear such nice comments 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!! (it’s not a hentai but I thought it was racy enough to fall under ecchi)

  2. I made some additions to this release >> I added download links for the ost vol 1 and 2 in mp3 format along with my favorite song from these albums the ED Fallen Angel (the 4.25 minute version in mp3)

  3. We made it to 500 releases and to celebrate here’s a little something special. I understand it’s not technically considered ecchi but I thought it was close enough and worth sharing.

    It’s a Happy 500th from Hentai Anime Downloads. Enjoy!

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