Obscene Pizza Delivery [RAW] [3D]

Obscene Pizza Delivery [RAW] [3D]
(PIZZA配達淫 / Pizza Takeout Obscenity)

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[hshare.net].Obscene.Pizza.Delivery.[RAW].[3D].rar (880.96 MB)

PLOT: You decide to order a pizza from a new company that guarantees satisfaction.

When you open the door there is a beautiful pizza delivery girl standing there with the biggest set of jugs you have ever seen. Your already feeling satisfied but it gets better when she lets you know that they are having a promotion… you get to choose a prize from the box, no strings attached. You reach in and draw your prize voucher, she looks at it and smiles. Nothing could have prepared you for the prize that awaits, she begins to unzip her top…


  1. There is English Subtitled version of this. The quality is nice but it would be more nice if you could just have included subtitles with it. Thanks anyways :3

  2. this was my first “game” i tried on here, they quality of the 3D animation was amazing.

    if someone who likes to take there time when watching hentai then this is deffenetly something you should have, there are tons of scenes, and you can kinda control how long the sex in the events will last as some spots have a “cum or not” button. if you choose not to then positions get switched and eventually a new girl joins in.

    1. Thanks madrox8
      I would like to also note that I went through and unlocked all the movie scenes before releasing this, so you can just pick and choose the scene you want to watch if you don’t actually want to go through the whole “game”.

  3. I’m having trouble running this exe. It gives me this window “Error! – Macky Player” and below there’s just this “???????????”, then another “Error! – Macky PLayer” window shows up and says this “???????Macky Player???????”. Do you have any clue what may I be doing wrong?


    1. you probably need to update your adobe flash. (or install it if you don’t have it)

      This plays by simply double clicking the .exe file but you need adobe flash to play it

      1. Hello,

        Thanks for trying to help me.
        I have Adobe Flash for IE and for the other browsers. I tried uninstalling and installing Flash and I even tried the 32-bit and 64-bit versions… still the same error occurs. I also uninstalled and installed Adobe Shockwave and ran the exe as an administrator…

        OS: Windows 7 64 bits.


        1. for someone running a 64bit OS you don’t seem to know much about computers. No offense but I suggest you stick with regular video files if you are having that many problems with this.

          All you need to do is have adobe flash and double click on the .exe file. (did you delete anything from the folder after you downloaded it? Maybe that’s where your error is coming in)

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