Obscene Campus Dreams EP 01 [RAW] [ENG SUBS FILES]

Obscene Campus Dreams EPISODE 01 [RAW]
(淫夢学園 第一話 「淫夢に囚われた美人姉妹」 / Inmu Gakuen: “Dame… Konna ni Nacchau no wa Yume no Naka Dake nano…!”)

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SUBS: Files by SubDESU-H

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PLOT: Shinji is a high school student. He loves Mayuri, his classmate. One day, a teacher, Ryoko, gives him a pendant. It seems people can have a good dream if they sleep with it. Next night, he goes to bed, holding the pendant. However, nothing is changed on the next day. What’s the secret of the pendant?


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