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January 21, 2012


Direct Download Link(s) (DDL)
[hshare.net].NATURAL.SLAVE.Monster.Madness.[RAW].[3D].avi (408.87 MB)
[hshare.net].NATURAL.SLAVE.Bonus.Movie.[RAW].[3D].avi (61.45 MB)
[hshare.net].NATURAL.SLAVE.[CG].rar (3 MB)

PLOT: A lone girl, captured by a vicious brute beast… Held captive in none other but the hideout of grotesque creatures seeking their next prey!! Tentacled monsters, giant dick creatures, insects, parasites, and every other type of beast imaginable, all lusting after their young prey…

Expect overflowing cum shots, giving birth to grotesque creatures, and the use of piston sex machines for rapid penetration! Various situations allow for a thorough sexual romp!

note: * Includes an extra movie from the ever-popular “Put What Where?!” Series.
* Also includes bonus, high resolution still images!

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  1. Verginello says:

    crazy stuff, too bad it’s only 10 min. long

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