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PLOT: Kaoru hates Kyoshiro and wants his sexually charged girlfriend, Tsumugi, for himself. He finds Kyoshiro in a chat room and befriends him never revealing his true identity or motives…
Meanwhile Kyishiro’s neighbor and long time friend Yukino has secretly been in love with him since they were children. She has never had the courage to tell him and now she has to listen to the love of her life having sex with another girl everyday after school.
Kaoru finds out about their relationship and decides to make the virgin Yukino his sex slave. Once she has learned to listen he presents her to Kyoshiro and makes a proposition Kyoshiro can’t refuse. A bet between the two couples. It’s simple, record yourselves having sex, post it on this website and see who is voted the hottest couple by it’s members. The winner gets both girls…
Can Kyoshiro us his current girlfriend to win back the only woman he ever loved? Or will the sexual sadist Kaoru succeed?

note: Out of all the hentai anime I have seen, the story in this one was one of the most fucked up.