Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation EP01-04 [RAW]

Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation EPISODES 01-04 [RAW]
(水着彼女~THE ANIMATION~ / Swimsuit Girl)

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PLOT: The story follows Mizuho, a healthy busty girl, and her perverted boyfriend. Mizuho lately put on some weight and now she wants to exercise to loose some of it, but her boyfriend wants to fuck her every time they’re alone…
SIDE NOTE: This one has some nice scenes for those with a swimsuit fetish; nicely drawn, transparency in the swimsuits and some of the scenes take place in public areas and for some reason episode 2 has some ninja scenes in it.


  1. Review!

    A chief example of how you can combine hot passionate sex with comedy and subtle character designing. The censoring though could’ve been a bit less thorough. Ok it’s not ‘Ashita no Yukinojou-style’, still… Also a bit confusing: the constant switching between stories. I’m one of the few people who (also) DO watch hentai for the story. Putting that aside: Want to have a good fap, have a good laugh and enjoy good drawing all at once? Try this hentai! (Also check out Princess Loves H/Oujou-sama wa H ga Osuki from the same creators!)

    Pros: Good fap, laugh and drawing all in 1 hentai
    Cons: But that hentai censors a bit too heavy and switches back and from multiple stories a bit too much.

    Rating: 9+

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