(乳母 / Uba / Wet Nurse / Кормилица)

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PLOT: Kyoko takes a job as a wet nurse in order to relieve the pain of loosing her own child, but she is quickly dismissed when it is found out that she has become too attached to the child.
Years Later, Kyoko tells her teenage daughter Marika that she once breast-fed a boy around her age named Toji. Marika can’t stop thinking about her new “big brother” and decides to brings him home for dinner. It isn’t long before Kyoko and Toji’s passion for each other is reignited. Marika finds out that their bond is more than paternal and she asks Toji to choose between them. What Marika doesn’t know is that her mother isn’t willing to give up Toji again, not now that she has finally found him after so many years. Kyoko becomes violently jealous and will do whatever it takes to keep her Toji.