1. can you find the uncensored version for (ore wa kanojo wo shinjiru, Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu, and zoku koihime 2 ep 1 & 2.)?

  2. it seems that you have only CH1~ CH3 of this….please upload ecchi manga “kagaku na yatsura” CH4 and onwards, thanks.

  3. admin i want to request 3D Hentai “Nukenin kasumi hokaku ryoujoku” , “Kiyoshi kan densetsu risu”

  4. Requesting for the remastered episodes of 3 blu-ray discs:

    Bible Black Final Edition Blu-ray Disc;
    新 Bible Black Final Edition Blu-ray Disc;
    Bible Black 外伝 Final Edition Blu-ray Disc.

  5. Could you please find & upload for us “ONI CHICHI REBUILD EP02 [RAW]”, please!
    I’ve looked all over the web, but I haven’t been able to find a HQ/HD RAW (non-subtitled) version of it anywhere. ~sniffle~ :’>(

    1. that’s incorrect. Those didn’t have pictures to begin with. you kinda just noticed now.

      i’m doing what i can to update those posts missing the cover pics

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