Magical Girl Isuka EPISODE 02 [PIXY]
(魔法少女イスカ ~Vol.02 魔獄~ / Magical Girl Isca vol. 02 – The Naughty Hell)

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PLOT: Story
Genji announces the start of the “witch hunting” to Lucus who lost the battle against Isca.
As a strong member of the evil clan, he finally makes a move. He gets Tsumiki’s friend involved in the case, and invites Tsumiki to the classroom of the evil hell.
Isca rushes to the classroom to save Tsumiki, and is defeated by Genji’s overwhelming power…!

Isca manages to let Tsumiki get away. However, Genji controls the dead bodies and make them attack Isca sexually in various ways. Tsumiki then finds herself trapped and also ends up becoming a captive of hell. They are both assaulted without mercy…!!

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