Magical Girl Elena EP 03 [ENG SUBS]

(魔法少女えれな Vol.03 えれな、ハジけます!≪Lands on…≫ / Magical Girl Elena Vol.03 – Elena will burst! )

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*SUBS by Shikkaku

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PLOT: Zordo has started the earth invasion! The cities are full of cries and noise from the people attacked and violated by tentacles. Elena concludes that there is no other way to stop this horror than to defeat the king of Zordo on the moon.

But Emiru on the enemy side gets in her way. After the hard pornographic dance between the siblings of the sad fate, Elena gains the victory with a price.

Elena arrives on the moon exhausted. And she sees the identity of the king of Zordo: it is a person whom she has been longing for…

But all her emotions are nothing to the king; the thick tentacles of the king molest the her body without mercy.

*Based in the Game

Magical Girl Elena GAME
Magical Girl Elena
Magical Girl Elena HCG
Magical Girl Elena

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  1. got a question, this has never happened before so i’m a bit lost on how to fix it.

    i downloaded this h-a and when i play it via Media Player Classic, all i get is the audio. no video at all. however i can run it on WMP with no problem.

    however on WMP i cant pull the subs into it. its odd, never had this happen with MPC before, any ideas for fixing?

    1. yeah I got the same issue with this one, you can try playing it with GOM Player I know it works with the subs in that one. I’ll try to play with this one and see if converting it to 10bit helps any. (I didn’t rip the original so can’t say for sure the issue, could be a codecs related issue)

      EDIT: I just checked it on my server and it loads in mpc there so you might want to check if there is an update the the K-lite mega codec pack

  2. So here it is the review!

    And my it was so good! I loved every part of it. The Ahegao scenes were good to watch, the tentacle scenes superb. I regret that I didn’t watched tentacle hentai before. The story itself was also good and full of surprises. It kept me longing for more and more. I won’t reveal all details, watch it yourselves. The best part was an epic tentacle scene in this episode. God, how good it was. Then the end: Wow, I cried in the ending! Again: surprises, surprises. Sad, that it had to end that way. Yes, Erena needed to do that in order to save the world. But still…
    And there’s that little part after the credits, which I didn’t get… After all that happened before the credits.. Oh well, the important part is: Mahou Shoujo Erena got the proper final episode, which we all longed for!

    Pros: everything!
    Cons: not the ending I was hoping for, yet it fully touches me

    Rating: A well deserved 10!

      1. For some reason I didn’t realize till I watched it again last night with the subs, how truly comedic this series is. I got through the first episode and part of the second but it wasn’t really my thing as far as H goes (although it did eventually get the job done ;P). I’ll probably finish watching it tonight, seems to be getting better.

        I should add the comedy tag to these though!

        IMO A great anime and just an ok H. EP01 really did nothing for me, but I’m not into the whole mother, mother/daughter thing.

        1. It’s indeed pretty comedy, I mean in episode 1 (spoiler): A flying rice cake who enters the pussy ofa young girl and takes her virginity in order to give her magic powers? Seriously… Sometimes when I see some hentai, I do wonder: Where did they get the inspiration from? Or sometimes even: What drugs did the makers took to come up with this stuff?

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