Laughing Nurse EP 01-02 [ENG SUBS]

(淫笑う看護婦 THE ANIMATION / In Warau Kangofu The Animation)

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[].Laughing.Nurse.EP01.[ENG.SUBS].avi (178.07 MB)
[].Laughing.Nurse.EP02.[ENG.SUBS].mkv (233.90 MB)

PLOT: Two episodes tell three unrelated stories. First off we is this nurse who has a special way of caring for her patients, and we see her take really good care of her patient and his childhood friend. In return some other patients want to thank her by returning the favors. She’s a nurse who just wants to have fun. In the next story we see a brother discover his sister playing with herself while watching an erotic video and he decides to give her a hand. And finally in another home a hot threesome is taking place.

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