(鬼作 / Kisaku the Letch)

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PLOT: Kisaku, professional letch and all-purpose pervert, is the best when it comes to blackmailing the local women into performing lurid sex acts. While quality is preferable over quantity, Kisaku has some plans for both.

SIDE NOTE FROM DizzyAngelDemon : This immensely popular h-series has been said to have changed the history of adult animation with it’s scenes of violence, perversion and lust, filled with hardcore sex and unusual sexual fetishes! It consists of three different anime titles each with their own series of releases; Isaku, Shisaku and Kisaku. They are named after the three sadistic brothers whom they are about.
They were released in the following order (games not included);

– Isaku (遺作) / 3 Episodes + Special Recap Episode / 1997.11.28 till 1998.05.29
– Shusaku (臭作) / 3 Episodes / 1999.04.02 till 1999.11.05
– Shusaku Replay (臭作 ~Replay~) / 4 Episodes / 2000.07.28 till 2001.01.26
– Isaku Respect (遺作 ~Respect~) / 3 Episodes / 2001.02.23 till 2001.09.21
– Kisaku (鬼作) / 6 Episodes / 2002.01.25 till 2003.04.11 (CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS PAGE)
– Shusaku Liberty (臭作 ~Liberty~) / 2 Episodes / 2003.01.24 till 2003.04.25
– Kisaku ULTIMATE / 1 Episode (Special Recap) / 2004.05.14
– Kisaku Spirit (鬼作 魂) / 3 Episodes / 2004.05.28 till 2005.07.22
– Shusaku Se-X File (臭作 SE-XFILE) / 1 Episode (Special Recap) / 2004.09.17
(I will be releasing each of these titles)