Kateikyoushi No Oneesan 2 EP 01-02 [RAW]

Kateikyoushi No Oneesan 2 EPISODES 01-02 [RAW]
(家庭教師のおねえさん2 THE ANIMATION~Hの偏差値あげちゃいます~ / Kateikyoushi no Onee-san 2 The Animation: H no Hensachi Agechaimasu)

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[hshare.net].Kateikyoushi.No.Oneesan.2.EP01.[RAW].avi (594.07 MB)
[hshare.net].Kateikyoushi.No.Oneesan.2.EP02.[RAW].avi (406.82 MB)

PLOT: Touya spends his summer vacation with 4 live-in home tutors. However, his lessons are not limited to book-learning…

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