Juvenile Pornography The Animation

Juvenile Pornography The Animation
ジュヴナイルポルノグラフィ THE ANIMATION

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    1. RabidFiles isn’t working for me either. First it said 0.0 download speed and I’d have to wait like 1000 weeks to try again. Now it just redirects to home page

      1. Same :/ Probably they fucked up something while celebrating new year 😛
        I hope that will be solved soon…..
        …anyways Happy New Year everyone \o/

            1. Not much. Last I checked, rabid did drop its file size from 10gb to 5gb. The site still seems disabled, but on some links it says the file has been inactive too long and asks to sign up for premium. Other links still bring you to the home page. Hshare members found alternative hosting sites for now but has yet to decide to replace rabid links (understandable). Other sites just stopped uploading in response.
              This is so bad. One host just brought a Gault to all these sites

            2. Update i believe. Rabidfiles wiped their servers and will be relaunching. Idk but it sounds like all previous links will be disabled.
              Source- Rabidfiles twitter

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