Inyouchu Etsu EP 02 [RAW]

Inyouchu Etsu EPISODE 02 [RAW]
(淫妖蟲 悦~怪楽変化退魔録~ / In`youchuu Etsu: Kairaku Henka Taimaroku)

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PLOT: The final stage of their demon exorcists training continues. Sisters Mikoto and Takeru must endure even more sexual torment as they sacrifice their bodies to the evil their swore to fight in order to save Yamato from the demon that consumes him. Will their efforts be enough?


  1. Episode 2 was a huge turn down imo. I’ve mostly seen flashbacks or scenes of the previous episode that are basically redone , although there are some new scene. But it wasn’t quite what i’ve expected after the ending of episode 1. A huge bummer…

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