Inmu Vol1 EP 01-02 [ENG SUBS] [UNCEN]

Inmu Volume 1 EPISODES 01-02 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] [UNCENSORED] (contains ALL 4 episodes)
(淫夢~生贄の宴~ / Inmu: Ikenie no Utage / Inmu: Feast of Victims)

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[].Inmu.Vol.1.EP01.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].avi (321.66 MB)
[].Inmu.Vol.1.EP02.[ENG.SUBS].[UNCEN].avi (333.01 MB)

PLOT: Cinderella is falling but she doesn’t awake from her dream…Here is the new series of omnibus eros…The thing that you want is what you hate. The innocent woman’s sexual desire is in full bloom!!
Yuumi is raped by a sexual molester on her way to school. She can’t cry out. He violently molests her over and over again. Somehow she escapes from him but ever since then she feels as though someone is watching her all the time; in the toilet, in the shower, wherever she is, someone’s eyes follow her And…
The haughty woman fashion designer blames a subordinate who made a mistake. Soon she becomes imprisoned, totally nude, inside of a public telephone booth. But it is just the beginning of revenge…
A man is playing cards. He wants to win, by any means necessary. But, these are magical cards and various women, such as Netirus, come out to perform real life service to him. As he is enticed into their magic, the next card is awaiting him…
A man has a sexual relationship with his stepmother. Soon after, his lust controls him, and he is entangled in the black widow’s web. Is it a memory of a long lost summer, or something else?


  1. Downloaded both links, the title says it contains all four episodes but it doesn’t just 1-1 and 1-2. Watched both anyway and these art more horror then erotic. No guro or anything like that but the situations that develop around each character is bizarre.

    Pass unless you like eyeball tentacles. :/

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