Ikusa Otome Suvia EP 01 [PIXY]

Ikusa Otome Suvia EPISODES 01 [PIXY]
(戦乙女スヴィア vol.01 二人のヴァルキリー / IKUSA OTOME SUVIA vol.01 Two Valkyries)

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PLOT: Loki’s betrayal had brought forth the destruction of the world. He has joined forces with the giants and the undead and lays siege to Asgard, where the gods live. The soldiers of Valhalla fall to his might, and he even succeeds in capturing Odin, the ruler of the gods.
But Odin refuses to bow before Loki. Instead, he seals the stream at the root of Yggdrasil; The World Tree, planning to make it wither and die, and along with it so shall the world die.

He bravely tells Loki, “set me free, or be destroyed along with me. If Yggdrasil dies, so will the rest of the world.”

Loki is faced with a dilemma. However, there is a key that will undo Odin’s seal on the stream. Two Valkyries who stubbornly continue to fight for Valhalla, Sigurd and Suvia. The key to Odin’s seal lies in their virgin, unspoiled wombs.

“If I sully his maidens, the seal will weaken, and I shall extract the key from their wombs! We loathe the maidens! Let the giants and their kin ravish them! No, let it be us! The denizens of the dark will corrupt them with their tentacles!”

And so the armies of darkness march once again at Loki’s command, advancing on the last hope of the gods of Asgard, a pair of virginal Valkyries.

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