Hypnosis ZERO EP 02 [RAW]

Hypnosis ZERO EPISODE 02 [RAW]
(催眠術ZERO kamma.2「村越学園」 / Saimin Jutsu Zero EP02)

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  1. So it finally recieved a 2nd ep! How about a review then?

    A 2nd ep! And how! It was very enjoyable! It felt as if they listened to my critics of ep 1. More and better sex-scenes, that was what 1 lacked. And that was a shame, as 1 also was good! The art was also very good and the censorship low. Saimin Jutsu Zero also deserves bonus points for including twin as the main heroines.

    But there are also points of critism: for instance, a three or moresome scene could’ve made it even better! I missed it pretty much in 2. Also, a thing which i always detest: the length. As stated in other reviews: Hentai’s should at least have a episode length of 25 minutes (op+ed included). As it leaves room for more sex scenes.

    All in all a very good Hypno hentai. Love that genre. 9/10 from me. Thanks as always Diz!

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